AUTUMN CHALLENGE - Health and skin makeover

The length of the challenge

We proudly present...
AUTUMN CHALLENGE The House of Beauty 2022

We have put together seven specially prepared AUTUMN MAKEOVERS for those who want to take autumn with a bang and take the fall challenge of The House of Beauty.

The autumn makeovers are on individual terms with certain goals in mind for those who want to start the autumn with energy.

Seven different AUTUMN MAKEOVERS

...on great terms and only available until Sept 18th!

You can choose the length of the Autumn Challenge that best suits your goals:
14 day, 3 week, 5 week, 8 week or 10 week makeover.

- Health and skin makeover

This package includes our powerful lymphatic and skin treatments aimed at:

- Reduce swelling and edema
- Increase blood flow and activate the lymphatic system
- Reduce pain from the musculoskeletal system in the body and/or rheumatic pain
- Unblock blockages in the body and help release unwanted toxins
- Shape the body

- Firm, tighten and strengthen sagging skin
- Reduce orange peel
- Reduce wear, scars and blemishes in the skin

You come to us twice a week for the following treatments:

Twice a week you come to Velashape to work on local fat accumulation and firm and strengthen local problem areas on the skin, for example on the abdomen, hands, back, buttocks and thighs, and the treatment activates the lymphatic system and increases blood flow.

Right after, you go to our excellent and much praised lymphatic treatment Lipomassage Silklight, which works on the whole body, but the treatment is the first to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) as a treatment that really works on orange peel.

In addition, Lipomassage smoothes the skin and creates a so-called pantyhose texture. Reduces blemishes, orange peel and skin blemishes.

Lipomassage Silklight is also recommended for rheumatism patients or those who suffer from lymphatic problems or pain from the musculoskeletal system, as the treatment greatly increases blood flow as well as strengthening the lymphatic system. The treatment rids the skin and tissues of toxins, increases blood flow and reduces water retention. In this way, the treatment keeps pain down and strengthens the tissues.

You can choose the following length of your package:

-14 day makeover (total of 4 hours of each treatment)
- 3 week makeover (total of 6 hours of each treatment)
- 5 week makeover (total of 10 hours of each treatment)
- 8 week makeover (total of 16 hours of each treatment)

- 10 week makeover (a total of 20 hours of each treatment)

Mv that you take the package as it is installed.
You are of course free to take it shorter or longer.

Autumn MAKEOVERIN is suitable for those who want to improve one or more of the following:

Shaping and slimming:
-Want to improve the physical form
-Shape and slim areas that accumulate localized fat
- Build, firm and strengthen muscle mass

Work on the skin:
-Work on sagging skin and orange peel
- Reduce wear and tear
- Get the so-called pantyhose texture on the skin
-Reduce blemishes and blemishes in the skin

Improve your health:
- Want to improve health, energy and physical shape
- Reduce swelling and edema
- Reduce rheumatic pain and neuromuscular pain

- Increase blood flow and improve the lymphatic system
- Rid the body of toxins
- Increase well-being and self-confidence

You can choose from seven different AUTUMN MAKEOVERS:
SLIM & TONE MAKEOVER - slimming and muscle strengthening
TOTAL SKIN MAKEOVER - skin strengthening and skin tightening
BODY SCULPTING MAKEOVER - muscle strengthening and shaping
FULL BODY MAKEOVER - this one has EVERYTHING included
The health promotion package - health promotion and development
The health, skin and shaping package - health promotion, skin strengthening and muscle building
Health and skin MAKEOVER - health promotion and skin strengthening

You can choose to take the AUTUMN CHALLENGE as:
✅ 14 day challenge
✅ 3 week challenge
✅ 5 week challenge
✅ 8 week challenge
✅ 10 week challenge

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