Tummy Makeover - Hard

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Tummy MakeOver - Hard
Four week program

Hard Tummy Makeover is a treatment package designed for those with hard belly fat. Fat that can hardly be pinched but accumulates in deeper layers of fat. We are all different, some people accumulate soft fat on the abdomen while others accumulate a hard stomach or a deeper layer of fat and then the treatments we have are not the same to maximize results.

The Hard Tummy makeover package is for those who have hard abdominal fat in the deeper layers of fat under the abdominal wall and abdominal muscles.
Hard Tummy Makeover works well on hard fat in the deepest layers of fat that tend to accumulate around organs and under the abdominal wall.
Such fat accumulation is often considered more dangerous to health than when the soft fat accumulates under the skin.

In the case of hard abdominal fat, it is necessary to work both on deeper layers of fat as well as to strengthen the abdominal wall and abdominal muscles, which have often slipped after the abdomen has expanded from the inside in this way. The abdominal muscles and wall can also slip during pregnancy, and in both cases the deep muscles and the abdominal wall need to be strengthened.

Hard Tummy Makeover reduces girth, reduces fat in the deeper fat cells as well as the upper ones and strengthens the abdominal muscles, deep muscles and abdominal wall and helps the abdomen to contract and also tightens the skin along with girth loss.

Hard Tummy Makeover includes the following treatments:

Type of treatment

Total number of exchanges

Number of times per week

Totally Laser Lipo

8x exchange

2x a week

Fit form

12x exchange

3 times a week


4x exchange

1x a week

Full price including the purchase of cards for each treatment ISK. 139,020 NOK
But you get a Hard Tummy Makeover for ISK. 125,000

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