Fitform Professional is a very powerful sheet device or so-called electrical conductivity treatment that has produced excellent results in recent years. Fitform Professional has deep electrical conductivity, which therefore works especially in muscle strengthening and on deeper layers of fat.

Fitform Professional helps to tone and strengthen muscles, stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling and edema, increases burning and reduces girth.

Who is Fitform Professional for?

Fitform is also very suitable for people with loose skin who have lost weight quickly, women after childbirth and people with inflammatory diseases. Fitform Professional is particularly suitable for building stomach muscles, thigh muscles and gluteal muscles.

How long is the treatment?

The time is 30 minutes

What is the recommended number of hours?

Best results are achieved by coming 3 - 4 times a week for two to three weeks. In addition, there are many who prefer to come in double time to increase results even more.

Can I go every day?

Yes, there is nothing that forbids it, but then we recommend that the load be distributed and that the same areas are not covered two days in a row.

Is Fitform recommended for men?

The Fitform treatment even works on men as well as women. Men are especially coming in for treatment of their breasts, stomach and sides.

How much does the treatment cost?

A single time is 4,500 ISK, but you can also buy a card and then you get the time at a better price.

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