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Mystic Tan is

At The House of Beauty, we offer a Mystic Tan tanning treatment that takes place in an automatic tanning booth. Our tanning booth is one of its kind in the country and is known for giving an exceptionally beautiful and even color.
The entire treatment takes 10-15 minutes, but you only spend about 3-4 minutes in the cabin itself.

The cell talks to you and you follow the numbers on the floor you are standing on, while the cell sprays you in four different directions, so that the result is as even as possible.

The Mystic Tan tanning booth is the stars' secret to keeping a beautiful tan all year round.

What colors are available?

You can choose from different colors and we will help you find the color that best suits your skin tone. In addition, one booster comes with each treatment, but the booster boosts the color and makes you see the colors immediately. Then the color continues to darken for the next 12 hours, but the final color is not reached until after 12 hours and one shower.

How long does the color last?
The color lasts 3-7 days!

It is possible to pay with all cards and online giro here at the online store and at our salon in Fákafeni 9, but it is also possible to buy treatments and packages with credit card installments and distribute payments without a card with pei, which is then done at our place.