I am not sure which treatment or treatment package is right for me, is it possible to get advice on the choice?

Yes, we offer measurement and advice free of charge, but then a therapist will review your goals with you and advise you on treatments and a program that suits you best.
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Who is Fitform Professional for?

Fitform Professional is particularly suitable for shaping, firming and strengthening muscles. The treatment has deep electrical conductivity and has been proven effective for building stomach muscles, thigh muscles and gluteal muscles.

Who is the Laser Lipo treatment suitable for?

Laser Lipo is for women as well as men who are generally in good health, not very overweight but want to work on localized fat that does not go away with traditional diet and exercise.

Who is the Lipomassage Silkligth treatment for?

The treatment is intended for men as well as women who have orange skin and/or have problems with certain areas of the skin/body. Treatment for men is mainly applied to "side handles" and other difficult areas. Treatment for women, on the other hand, usually focuses on the back of the thighs, arms and buttocks, although the whole body is covered in each treatment. In addition, Lipomassage has been very popular with rheumatism patients as it relieves swelling, blockages and edema and in that way keeps the person's pain down.

What is VelaShape?

The VelaShape II treatment consists of Bi-Polar sound waves (RF), Infrared light beam, negative pressure and electric massage that distributes targeted heat down to the fat layer of the skin. The combination of this energy stimulates the breakdown of fat, increases cleansing in the body's lymphatic system, increases production and collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as the reduction of fat cells. The result will be a reduction in the circumference of the treatment area, a reduction in orange peel, the skin will be tighter, smoother and the contours of the body will be better shaped.

Are your treatments generally suitable for everyone?

The short answer is, No. We offer effective treatments that work extremely well on various things such as localized fat, loose skin, swelling and edema, abrasions and more, but our treatments are not for:

- Those who are looking for a way to lose a certain number of kilos:
Our focus is not on clients losing a certain number of kilos, but on helping to work on local changes that can rather be seen with the naked eye and in pictures. However, losing weight is often a side effect when you are in a treatment program with us, but it depends on the individual.

- Those who are looking for a "quick fix" to lose weight now:
We are regularly seeing amazing results in a very short period of time but everyone's results are different and we NEVER guarantee results with any method.
We help our customers to achieve maximum results, as the results of our customers speak for themselves. We work with people and if a certain treatment is not showing sufficient results, the person's treatment plan is changed upon request because YOUR SUCCESS IS ALWAYS OUR GOAL . But those who have unrealistic expectations and are not ready to work with us towards their goals and take responsibility for their own success are not suitable as our clients.

- Those who are not ready to contribute and take responsibility for their own success:
Success is based on the cooperation between the treatments and the client. We cannot guarantee what everyone does at home. It is therefore important to follow our instructions so that maximum results are achieved. If you are not ready to do your part to achieve the required results and take responsibility for yourself, but are looking for a culprit to be able to blame for your physical form, then we would like to suggest that you look elsewhere.

What are the rules for booking and canceling appointments with you?

It is a friendly recommendation that appointments are canceled 12 hours in advance so that the time can be filled. If an appointment is canceled within 12 hours, half of the appointment will be deducted from your card. If an appointment is not canceled at least 3 hours in advance, the entire appointment will be deducted from your card.

What are your refund policies?

Treatments or cards traded during offers are not refundable after the offer ends.
Treatments or cards are only refunded within 14 days of purchase if it was not purchased on offer. If you start using the card during these 14 days, the hours that have been used will be deducted.

Can I give my card or borrow time from it?

Yes, it is a small matter to change the name of the cards on request or to offer another appointment from your card.

What is the validity period on your cards?

Our cards do not expire and therefore have no validity period.

Is there anything that affects the effectiveness of the treatments?

Yes, for example, smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, arthritis, blocked lymphatic system and an unhealthy lifestyle can reduce the effectiveness of the treatments.

If the treatment I bought does not suit me but I want another treatment from you, can I change my card?

Yes, we want all our customers to have treatments that suit them best, and sometimes treatments are purchased that are not suitable for the person. Then it is a small matter to change the card to another treatment and then it is calculated how many hours in the new treatment you will get for the same amount as you bought the previous card. The hours that have been used are deducted from the amount that goes up to new treatments.

What payment options do you offer?

Possibility to pay with all major cards and online giro if treatments are purchased here in the online store, but we also offer credit card installments both here on the website and at our location. All of the above routes are available at our location as well as we offer Pei.

What are your opening hours?

We do not have advertised opening hours, it depends on the bookings and the therapists, but it is common to book an appointment from 8 am to 11 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends.

How should I book the appointments?

We recommend using one of the following ways to book your appointments:

Velashape and Lipomassage Silklight:
1-2x a week Velashape and Lipomassage Silklight. Then it is good to start with VelaShape and go directly to Lipomassage, or vice versa.

Totally Laser Lipo and fitform or LED:
2x a week Totally Laser Lipo, it's good to take either fitform straight after or the LED skin treatment, depending on your package. ATTENTION! There must be 72 hours between Totally Laser Lipo treatments. Therefore, it is often good to start the week with the laser and end the week with the laser as well.

When booking less than 2-3 weeks in advance, it can be difficult to get the times combined as above. Then you should come for individual appointments to begin with, but then book combined appointments in the future.