After Lipo

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Three or four week treatment

After lipo is a treatment package designed for those who have undergone liposuction or liposuction. Sometimes there are irregularities in the skin after such procedures, and then plastic surgeons recommend our VelaShape and Lipomassage treatments to smooth out the area and make the skin firmer and more beautiful.

The After Lipo treatment package comes in both 3 and 4 weeks and includes the following treatments:

Type of treatment

Total number of exchanges

Number of times per week

VelaShape (3 weeks)

6x exchange

2x a week

Lipomassage (3 weeks)

6x exchange

2x a week

VelaShape (4 weeks) 8x exchange 2x a week
Lipomassage (4 weeks) 8x exchange 2x a week

The 3-week After Lipo package is ISK. 139,000,- and 4 weeks is ISK. 175,000 NOK

It is possible to pay with all cards and online giro here at the online store and at our salon in Fákafeni 9, but it is also possible to buy treatments and packages with credit card installments and distribute payments without a card with pei, which is then done at our place.

ATTENTION! Due to high demand, there may be a wait for certain treatments, so we encourage you to book treatments and treatment packages well in advance.