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Build muscle mass like never before and shed fat in no time with our revolutionary Msculpta PRO treatment.

What is Msculpt PRO?

Mscultpa PRO is an extremely powerful treatment for building muscle and burning fat using a new and revolutionary electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). The Mscultpa PRO device is one of the most powerful in its field in the world today and is produced with four handles that allow your body to produce muscle training equivalent to 50,000 sit-ups if done with the abdomen or 50,000 squats if done with the butt in just 30 minutes to achieve results like never before in building and shaping muscles as well as breaking down fat with (HIFEM) technology.

Msculpta pro uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) with 4 handles to achieve even better results to build, strengthen and / or tone muscles on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or arms to achieve the best possible muscle shaping and structure with because using 50,000 100% contraction of the muscles is otherwise not possible for the body. The treatment is considered to be equivalent to doing 50,000 sit-ups (abdominal) or squats (butt) in 30 minutes while lying down and relaxing.

What areas can be treated with Msculpta PRO?

Stomach, abdomen and muscle tightening (tightens worn abdominal muscles after childbirth), buttock (builds up the buttock muscles to get a bigger, firmer and shaped butt), thighs, arms, shoulders and calves.

Who is Msculpta PRO for?

Msculpta PRO is an extremely powerful treatment for muscle building and shaping, regardless of whether people exercise or not.
For people who exercise, the treatment can strengthen areas more powerfully than conventional exercise ever can. Therefore, those in the gym feel increased strength in the treated areas and the shaping is quickly revealed.
For new mothers who suffer from loose abdominal muscles. The technique has demonstrated an 11% tightening of the gluteal abdominal muscles after each session.
To build up the butt. The treatment is often described as the so-called BBL treatment or brazilian booty lift as it lifts and builds up the buttocks in a wonderful way.
For people who cannot exercise but want to regain muscle strength and shape their body at the same time.

How long is the treatment?

Each class is 30 minutes

What is the recommended number of hours?
It is recommended to apply 4 times to the areas being treated in less than two weeks at 2-3 day intervals to see good results and then to apply once about 6-8 weeks later. Results are quickly apparent and often after only 1-2 sessions, but final results are seen 3-6 weeks after the treatment program ends.
However, some people need more than four sessions to see maximum results.

If any of the following applies to you, you are advised not to undergo Msculpta PRO treatment:

- If you have a pacemaker
- Have a metal foreign object
- Medicine pump
- Suffers from heart disease
- Has a metal loop

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