Loose skin and wear and tear are often difficult to deal with after, for example, childbirth or when people have lost a lot of weight.

That's why we have now added a powerful LED skin treatment to our treatments and treatment packages designed for those who want to work on sagging skin, reduce wear and tear, scars and tighten the skin.
LED treatment has been proven in research to work well on skin tightening, firming, wear, scars and skin blemishes.
The treatment lasts 20 minutes and is completely painless and without any intervention. You lie down while the LED lights work to increase the collagen (tightness) and elastin (elasticity) of the skin so much.

1-4 treatments per week are recommended, depending on each individual's problem area.
It depends on the individual how many sessions are needed for each person, but visible results come after about four treatments.
If you are having Totally Laser Lipo treatments, it is recommended to have one LED treatment after about every third Totally Laser Lipo treatment to tighten the skin along the circumference reduction in the treatment area.

It is possible to pay with all cards and online giro here at the online store and at our salon in Fákafeni 9, but it is also possible to buy treatments and packages with credit card installments and distribute payments without a card with pei, which is then done at our place.

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