At The House of Beauty, we offer a Mystic Tan tanning treatment that takes place in an automatic tanning booth.

Our tanning booth is one of its kind in the country and is known for giving an exceptionally beautiful and even color.
The entire treatment takes 10-15 minutes, but you only spend about 3-4 minutes in the cabin itself.

The cell talks to you and you follow the numbers on the floor you are standing on, while the cell sprays you in four different directions, so that the result is as even as possible.

The Mystic Tan tanning booth is the stars' secret to keeping a beautiful tan all year round.

What colors are available?

You can choose from different colors and we will help you find the color that best suits your skin tone. In addition, one booster comes with each treatment, but the booster boosts the color and makes you see the colors immediately. Then the color continues to darken for the next 12 hours, but the final color is not reached until after 12 hours and one shower.

How long after the tanning treatment can I shower?

You can leave at the earliest after 12 hours, but most people prefer to leave the next day. In the shower, the booster washes off and there is a beautiful color underneath.

How long does the color last?

The color lasts 3-7 days!

What is the best way to prepare for a tan?

We recommend that you take a shower and scrub your skin well. That way, you are ensuring that the color will last as long as possible. In addition, we recommend that you have shaved/waxed if applicable. The shower 12 hours after the treatment is only to rinse off the booster.

If I'm going out on a Saturday night and want the color to be as beautiful as possible, what is recommended that I go to the cabin long before?

We recommend that you come on Friday in a tan.

What clothes should I wear when I come to the treatment?

It is best to wear something loose and comfortable, however, the color dries quickly and well and does not transfer to clothes.

If I sleep without taking an "after" shower, will the color stick to the sheets?

Yes, the booster can get infected when people sweat while sleeping, so we recommend that you sleep in pajamas to prevent infection. But the color always comes out in the wash.

Can I skip getting color on my face?

Yes, it is possible by placing the hair net over the face as well. We still recommend that you get the color on your face as well because the color gives such a beautiful glow.

How long after treatment can I wear makeup?

There is no rule and some people apply make-up soon afterwards, but it is good to let the color settle a little and wait at least 2-4 hours.

Will I tan/tan inside the flames?

No, before you go in, you get a hair net that makes sure your hair doesn't get colored, and you apply a so-called "block" cream inside the legs, under the soles of the feet and around the cuticles. That way, the color does not get to the places where it is not wanted.

How much does the tanning booth cost?

The class costs ISK 4900, but you can buy a card and then each class is cheaper.

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