Customer reviews

"Last August, I heard about the silk (Lipomassage Silklight) at The House of Beauty that the treatment could help with pain and get rid of swelling and edema because I was in pain every day due to rheumatism and Lupus. I was on a strong drug called Gabapentin daily to make my day.

I initially went to the silk 1x a week and immediately felt how good it made me. The swelling and inflammation decreased and the pain gradually disappeared. I then increased the silk to 2x-3x a week and then I started to feel much better. I was then able to stop the medication that I had previously been unable to get through the day without in September, a little over a month after I started the silk. Today I go to the silk 1x a week to keep myself healthy.

Around the same time I started taking out the soda and drinking more water. Then I started cutting back on flour and, for example, started eating corn bread without flour. I also try not to eat after 9pm at night.

In November I then added other treatments at The House of Beauty. First I went for Totally Laser Lipo to lose weight, you can feel very quickly how the circumference decreases and the pants become wider in the Laser. I also added the Velashape treatment and started mixing up the treatments every week and things started to happen quickly. Now 6 months after I started treatments at The House of Beauty, I have lost 23 kg, my body has taken shape and my skin has become firm and smooth. I feel much better, my health is completely different and my confidence has increased a lot. I couldn't be happier with the treatments at The House of Beauty because they have really saved me." - Sigríður Lilja Samúelsdóttir


"OMG I went for the miracle device Totally Laser Lipo at The House of Beauty this afternoon and literally 14 cm of my stomach was melted. I'm speechless and my jeans are tight after one session ." - Ragnar's Selma


" I started my treatments in The House of Beauty by doing 4 sessions in Laser Lipo and I lost 5 kg with these 4 sessions. Now I'm doing Velashape and Lipomassage Silkligth and I've already lost 3kg more in 5 sessions, I still have 4 more sessions and I need to loose 2 more kgs that I plan on doing in these sessions.
I've also seen very good results on my skin. The cellulite is almost gone and my skin is much tighter and smoother.
The treatments in The House of Beauty clearly work ." - Ohana Pinheiro


" I've had treatments at The House of Beauty; it's safe to say I'm happy with the results! Never would have believed it; but I've had a few sessions of Vela Shape and Lipomassage Silkligth and the results haven't let up stand. Lots of centimeters gone and especially in the areas that have been difficult to get off. The skin is silky smooth, has contracted well and even the wear and tear has faded. You feel so good after the Silk, feel completely renewed. I have also tried Lipo laser and fitorm and it all works extremely well together.... Strongly recommend this to get in shape. " - Stína


" Tried lipo massage and I really liked it, I recommend this treatment for those who have a lot of inflammation in the connective tissue that causes orange peel. Orange peel is not only on the legs, it can be all over the place, it can also cause unbearable folds that are difficult to get rid of we. The whole body was taken and I felt a lot of relaxation when I got home. WILL BOOK AGAIN! Even sent the guy for this too because it's not just for women ;) " - Pálína Páls


" I love coming to be pampered at The house of beauty. You are always welcomed so warmly and I think vela shape and silk light are essential in strengthening and firming the skin and body! I heartily recommend it! " - Þórunn Antonía


" Excellent salon in every way. The staff are lovely and the atmosphere warm. The treatments are working wonders for me. Couldn't recommend more! " - Mirra Sjöfn